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seo consultant services

Free SEO Session

If you would like to take advantage of a free SEO consultation to discuss your company’s SEO needs then please get in touch.

In this initial session we will look at your requirements, expectations and budgets. We will be available to answer any questions you have about SEO or my services. Most importantly, we will discuss time frames and the results we can provide within them. After this, if we feel we can work together, we will conduct an initial SEO audit of your site and get in touch to talk through your SEO project with you. This will be an initial SEO consultancy session where we can identify your SEO objectives (as well as your business objectives too) and discuss your website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and priorities.


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Understand Your Objectives.

A Good SEO Consultant Can Take Any Website To The Top Of The Google Listings, Regardless Of Whether They’re Focused On E-commerce, Education, Non-profit Or Blogging.

We believe that a good freelance SEO consultant will first of all listen to what you want to achieve from both your business and organic search objectives. Do you want to increase organic traffic? Or revive an existing SEO campaign? Or maybe diversify your traffic-generating pages? From these initial discussions, we will agree scope, timescales, resources and pricing.

Our Steps In SEO

1. Understand Your Competition

One of the first steps in this online marketing process is for us to analyse your competitor’s on page and off page SEO tactics as well as which keywords they are targeting. This helps determine what we need to do get your website above theirs on the search engines.

2. Undertake Keyword Research

Here our SEO consultants objective is to identify commercially focused target keywords that searchers for your products or services use. High volume keywords or phrases will be identified along with the difficulty of these keywords and the cost per click too. We’ll also consider long tail keywords with relevant search intent too as part of the SEO service.

3. Craft Content

From our SEO consultants research, the content strategy will emerge. We will work together to create unique and relevant evergreen content that will rank highly and attract converting customers. We’ll also optimise any existing content to ensure that you get found by your target audience in the search results page.

4. Build Relevant Backlinks

As soon as our SEO experts have mapped your target keywords to your target URLs and these pages are set up, link building can commence. The search engine algorithms put a lot of emphasis on authoritative links from relevant domains. Getting your website seen online is also an important aspect of online marketing and link building helps in this regard.

5. Carry Out A Technical Audit

The next thing SEO experts will do in this process is to test how effectively Google can crawl your site using an SEO audit. The audit will identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. These issues will be discussed in detail and corrected to ensure adherence to best practices.

6. Fine Tuning and Tracking

When our SEO consultant puts the campaign live, you will be able to track your site’s performance in the search engine rankings. This will be done via weekly or monthly reports. Your search engine optimisation consultant will monitor the progress of your campaign and make any necessary tweaks as it progresses.

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